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Moving To Augusta, Georgia

Moving To Augusta

Almost everyone in the world knows Augusta does golf, and does it well. What everyone doesn’t know is golf isn’t the only thing that makes Augusta great. [...]

Planning Your Move To Augusta

We often forget that there’s more to a move than the admittedly time-consuming drill of pack-transport-unpack. Setting up a new household, be it solo or for a family, usually means jumping through a seemingly [...]

Finding a Home

3 Reasons to Obtain Prequalification When Looking For A Home

We’ve all been there. When we’re ready to buy a new home, we want to call up our Realtor and GET IN SOME HOMES, pronto, right this minute. We don’t want to slow down [...]

7 Steps To Hiring A Great Agent

Taking the time to do a little research before you commit to a working relationship with a real estate agent can prove beneficial to you by saving you time and money. [...]

Great Neighborhoods In The Augusta Area

Junior Olympic sized swimming pools. Rows of tennis courts. Walking & jogging trails for miles. Besides outstanding amenities, our Southern slice of heaven includes top rated public and private schools, arts & entertainment for all ages [...]

Renovating, Decorating & Landscaping

Remodeling That Pays

It is inherent in people to want to customize their space, to make it feel more like home. When we buy and move into a new home, we have a unique opportunity to not only fix it up, but make it our own. [...]

Design Tips Courtesy Of Decorators Outlet

A few design tips will help save you stress. Making a house into a home can be a daunting task that takes time, patience, creativity, vision, selection and experience, all of which are available in the local area. [...]

Income Property Opportunities

Renting Your House Out For Masters

Buying a home in Augusta means more than it does in almost any other city in the country- a HUGE opportunity for a return on investment- from an unexpected source. [...]


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