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Welcome To Augusta

Almost everyone in the world knows Augusta does golf, and does it well. What everyone doesn’t know is golf isn’t the only thing that makes Augusta great. [...]

Making New Friends: Augusta Style

Moving to a new city can be difficult. There is so much to do – finding a place to live, hooking up utilities, getting acclimated in your new job and more. Then at night, [...]

Family Friendly

Quality Time With Your Kids

Carefree time with a child is one of life’s great joys. McKenzie and I have been spending afternoons together for the past 10 years. Our criteria are simple enough: we have to both enjoy ourselves, it has to be convenient and [...]

Kid Friendly Restaurants

Eating with your little ones can be a challenge at times. They can be picky, loud, irritated, irritating and down-right difficult. Taking them to a special place where they can be engaged [...]

Pet Friendly

Fun Outings With Canine Companions

Check out our infographic of the popular spots to take your canine companion in Augusta and the CSRA! [...]

Pet Friendly Places

Living in Greater Augusta is very rewarding for pet lovers. Our area boasts numerous parks, hiking trails, restaurants and businesses for pets and their humans to socialize. [...]


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