That's One Tasty Burger - the newcomers guide to some of Augusta's best burgers.

Author: Brian Allen

Published: August 1, 2019

So let’s talk a little bit about what is perhaps the most widely consumed sandwich in the United States...the humble but ever-present burger. Any restaurant worth its salt can make you one, but some of them excel in that department. Typically, there are a few factors in play when you receive what you consider to be an exceptional hamburger. The ground beef is fresh and the patty is made to order. It’s well seasoned, nothing crazy when salt and pepper will do, although a little garlic never hurt. Careful consideration has been given to the accompanying components(good bread is important). There are quite a few spots in the Greater Augusta Area that really kick butt at all of those elements! If you are new to the area, you may not have discovered them just yet. Let’s nudge that process along shall we? What follows is a list of just some of our favorite purveyors of hamburgers in Augusta.

Whiskey Bar Kitchen

Kenny and Bobby Morrison have put together quite the unique menu with their blend of Japanese and American cuisine. They do Katsu Curry Rice as well as anyone around. However, it’s no question the burgers are the star here. From The TCB to The Elway to The Metro to The Sink, these burgers offer up juicy flavorful belly fulls of yummy with unique and fresh ingredients. Located at 1048 Broad Street, Whiskey Bar is a must try for any Augustan. When you go, tell em The King sent you...thank you...thank you very much.

Sno-Cap Drive In

Recently coming under new ownership and experiencing a resurgence as a result, Sno-Cap is a destination in we’re going back in time. The burger joint has been in continuous operation since 1964. When Chef Hav Usry(of Fat Man’s Cafe fame) took the place over recently, he spruced it up and revamped the menu while bringing in a proprietary blend of ground beef from Lanier’s Fresh Meat Market. Folks have been flocking to the drive in ever since. And my goodness are the burgers good and how! They are located at 618 West Ave. in North Augusta. When you go, don’t forget to order the yummy onion rings and that root beer float like your grandma used to make.

Farmhaus Burgers

The name really tells the story here. Farmhaus specializes in great burgers. There is a lot to take in flavor-wise. Their ground beef is a dry-aged blend of chuck, brisket, and short rib locally sourced. The heirloom bacon they top some of their burgers with is a flavor explosion too! It seriously has that wow factor. They sport 2 locations and stay busy...because good burgers. The original location is at 1204 Broad Street and the newer spot is located at 466 Flowing Wells Road. And like every good Southern restaurant should, Farmhaus uses Duke’s mayonnaise, y’all!

The Hive

So it became quite clear to us in our visits to local restaurants that the brioche bun is king of all breads when it comes to burgers, imparting a buttery tastiness to every bite. And that is what The Hive uses for their grass-fed beef burger creations. They have a 4 burger menu, but one of them is a vegan black bean option, so for our purposes here it’s a 3 burger menu. These 3 burgers start out simple with the Hive Burger, step up the level of complexity with the Augusta Burger and then take it to wildly inventive with the Smoked Gouda Nacho Burger. The bun is right and the beef is right which makes The Hive a perfectly suitable spot to grab a version of America’s favorite sandwich. If this helps sway your decision any, The Hive strives to use local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients in their elevated pub fare…..aaaaaannnd they recycle. If that doesn’t grab you, maybe the 71 taps will. You’re sure to find the perfect brew to complement that juicy burger. The Hive is located at 215 10th Street.

Beamie’s at the River

So here’s a place you might not have considered for satisfying that burger craving. Beamie’s is best known for their seafood served up in a casual, almost beach-like atmosphere. However, they can hold their own in the burger department as well. They use 100% Certified Angus beef and presented us with the most generous portion at the lowest price out of any we sampled. It was also one of the juiciest burgers I have personally had in recent memory. Some folks may balk at higher fat content in ground beef, but foodies know that the fat is where the flavor comes in. Beamie’s plates a simple, unassuming cheeseburger that delivers on flavor and value. And to think, you thought they only did seafood. Go get yourself one at 856 Reynolds Street.


After that last suggestion, you might have wondered if I had gone around the bend. And maybe now you’re feeling vindicated for suspecting that. Not so fast! This is the deepest sleeper of the bunch and they have what may arguably be the best burger in town. I’m not kidding. Here again, Augustino’s is a restaurant known for other things. From their steaks to their pizza to their pasta bar, their food is generally held in high regard by many locals. But that burger y’all! It’s a build your own burger situation, but they start with that boss brioche bun and a patty that is a blend of short rib, chuck, and brisket. We kept it simple with some cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and condiments on the side and tasted it pretty much naked to start. The temperature was correct, the patty was juicy and the bun was buttery, toasted and delicious. Slap your grandma good! Augustino’s is located in The Marriott Hotel at The Convention Center nestled right up against The Savannah River at 2 Tenth Street. You’re gonna wanna try that burger!

So guys, while this list might not contain every burger of reasonable quality around the Greater Augusta Area, it is most certainly a good starting point for those of you new to town. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by a burger at any one of the places we mentioned here. We hope you enjoy discovering them all! Bon Appetit!

Brian Allen

Brian Allen is native Augustan with a long abiding love affair with his hometown. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, his love for local was born of his interactions with the arts community through music. He is a graduate of The John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School and Augusta University, and a longstanding advocate for the local music community. When not onstage or in the trenches supporting local business, you’ll find him at home with his loving wife, Tracy, his two sons, Aidan and Isaac, Louie the dog, and Cricket the kitty cat.